Acro yoga Workshop with Kyoko Jasper & Marc Bauchet 2013/6/1(Sat) – 6/2(Sun)

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Acro yoga Workshop with Kyoko Jasper & Marc Bauchet
2013/6/1(Sat) 11:30-14:00
6/2(Sun) 13:30-16:00


English version to follow, please scroll down to read the english description.

6月1日(土)WS#1 11:30~14:00 フライング・インバージョン:
6月2日(日)WS#2 13:30~16:00 セラピューディック・フライングとタイマッサージ:




講師: きょうこジャスパ− ERYT500


ミュージカル女優になるため渡米、半生をNYで暮らす。 2001年にテロ事件に遭遇した時の心の葛藤が転機に繋がり、ヨガ指導者としての道を歩む。2005年から日米を往復、各地でWSや指導者育成を提供。2006年に世界で初めてアクロヨガ指導者となり、ニューヨークでアクロヨガを着水。2011年UrbanXperienceを立ち上げ、NYとバリで年2回ヨガアライアンス指導者養成コースを提供。日本人が夢を叶える為の助力に励む。現在 セラピーヨガの活動を先導し、生徒が身体の痛みや滞りから解放され、自分だけのヨガを見つけられるよう個人やグループの指導に励む。





2013年6月1日(土)WS#1 11:30~14:00
2013年6月2日(日)WS#2 13:30~16:00
会場: yuriyoga西麻布 MAP
受講費:早割 ¥4500 (前日夜10時迄のお申し込み)2クラス受講で¥8500
当日 ¥5000 2クラス受講で ¥10000
Acroyoga is a fast growing style of Yoga that is becoming very popular worldwide. AcroYoga blends the spiritual wisdom of Yoga, the loving kindness of Thai massage, and the simple yet dynamic power of Acrobatics. These three ancient lineages form the foundation of a unique new practice that cultivates trust, connection and playfulness. Our highest aim is to bring individuals into a state of union with themselves, with each other, and with the divine. From this place of mutual support the true self can be realized, honored and shared for the benefit of all. Through practicing AcroYoga, we experience a deepening trust in ourselves and others, and realize that by working in partnership, we manifest more than we ever could alone. This is a rare opportunity to study with Senior AcroYoga teachers Kyoko Jasper from New York and Marc Bauchet from France. Having some Yoga experience is recommended. This class will be taught in Japanese and English. NO PARTNER NECESSARY.

2013 6.1(Sat)WS#1 11:30~14:00
Flying Inversion
In this workshop, we will cultivate our basic core awareness which will lead us to practice differenct partner inverted flying poses. Everybody will get a chance to practice Acro poses like “Folded Leaf “, and “ Bird” and “Star” according to their ability.

2013.6.2(Sun)WS#2 13:30~16:00
Therapeudic Flying and Thai Massage
In this workshop, we will loosen and elongate the back with some slow partner stretches. Then we will progress into various standing and flying postures which will lead us into practicing loving kindness with a yummy Thai massage sequence.
Kyoko Jasper (ERYT-500)
Hailed from Japan, Kyoko moved to NYC to pursue her dream of becoming a musical theater performer. After having enjoyed over two decades of a career as an actress, She experienced the devastating 9-11-2001. Led by an undeniable calling in her heart, Kyoko went through a dramatic shift and begun her brand new journey in yogic path. Now she is dedicating herself to spread peace and healing all over the world through Yoga and other healing methods. Kyoko is certified in Yoga Tune Up®, Acro Yoga®, Circus Yoga®, Dharma Mittra Yoga and Amagi To-ji System. She runs her own RYT Yoga teacher training program in NY and Bali. As well as being a Yoga teacher, Kyoko is a Reiki Master and also leads Kirtan all over the world.

Marc Bauchet
is a certified AcroYoga & Tulayoga teacher from France. From
martial arts and anthropology background he began his Yoga and
AcroYoga journey over 10 years ago, along the way met Thai
massage and Acrobatics. He now has a passion to share the fun and
healing of these ancient and creative practices.

2013.6.1(Sat) WS#1 11:30AM~12:00PM
2013.6.2(Sun) WS#2  1:30PM ~ 4:00PM

yuriyoga Nishiazabu MAP

Early Bird: ¥4500(1class) ¥8500 (2 classes) Reserve your spot the day before up until 10PM
At the door: ¥5000(1 class) ¥10000( 2 classes)

to reserve your spot.