2010年6月 yuriyoga studioが西麻布にオープン。ディレクターとして運営とteachingに携わる。



全米ヨガアライアンス200時間取得(Semperviva Yoga studio/Canada)

リストラティブヨガ20時間取得(Sun and Moon Yoga studio/Tokyo)

タイヨガマッサージ トレーニングコース25時間 レベル1(With セバスチャン•ブルーノ)



I was first introduced to Ashtanga yoga and Power yoga in 2002 and have loved it ever since!
I wasn’t into sports and was drawn to yoga as a way to become flexible, healthy and strong.
I went to Vancouver B.C. Canada in 2006 to study English and was introduced to many different styles of yoga.
Returning to Vancouver again 2008. I spent a year studying English and yoga. I made it to Japan end of June in 2009.
I practice Power Vinyasa, Hatha, Anusara, Kundalini meditation, Restorative and Yin Yang styles and I have attended many workshops.
“yuriyoga studio” was founded in 2010 by yuri.
Yoga makes me happy!!! I love the excitement when I learn a new asana and want to pass that feeling on to my students.



RYS Yoga Alliance 200h(Semeprviva Yoga studio/Canada)

Restortive Yoga Teacher training(Sun and Moon Yoga studio/Tokyo)

Thai Yoga Massage Course Level1(With Sebastian Bruno)